How to make a group reservation

For each person entered on this form you will be responsible for a $75 fee for cancellation or no show. If you DO NOT want to be responsible for cancellation fees for the other members of the group but want to start a group reservation, create a group name and select 1 person from the dropdown. Then the other group participants may use the option below (Join a Group) to make their reservation and join your group. Groups of 6 or more: each individual must make their own reservation and will be charged a $75 non-refundable deposit in advance. Below is an excerpt from our frequntly asked question section:

Q: Can you explain the reservation process and why I need to provide a credit card?

A: Everyone pays using credit card, cash, gift certificate, or rain check on the day they arrive during check in. We take a credit card number just to hold your reservation. Nothing is charged to the card at the time of the online reservation. However, if you cancel the reservation or do not show up, we charge a $75 fee per person to the card provided.

Q: How does weather factor into the above policy?

A: Skydive Atlanta solely (not the customer) will determine if the weather is or will be acceptable for skydiving on any given day. This is almost always decided the day of your reservation so we ask customers not to call with questions about the weather. If prior to your arrival, Skydive Atlanta reschedules your reservation due to weather, there is no charge for cancellation/reschedule. If after you arrive the weather does not allow for you to jump, we will issue you a rain check voucher for later use.

Q: The group reservation process is confusion me. How does this work?

A: Please read the 2 Q&A’s above before reading on. If you are the person organizing the group, and you have 5 or fewer persons, you have 3 options.

First, you may complete the online reservation form for yourself only, select “Yes” under “Are you a group organizer”, then enter just the group name. After completion of the entire form you will have a reservation for yourself only. Give the other members of your group the group name and have each of them complete an online reservation, however, they will select “Yes” under “I am joining an existing group” and complete the reservation.

Second, using the same process you may enter the number of people and names of everyone in the group. In this case you will be responsible for any cancellation fees for the entire group.

Third, you may collect $75 from each of the group members and mail us a money order at least 10 business days prior to your reservation date.

If you the organizer of a group and have 6 or more persons, each person must make a reservation and pay a $75 non-refundable deposit in advance.