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Wednesday August 15, 2012

Some pictures from this past weekend's canopy courses. We are looking forward to holding the 201 and 202 courses later this fall.

Flight-1 canopy courses 101 from Saturday and 102 from Sunday.

Monday August 13, 2012

We're on our way to another record setting month here at Skydive Atlanta. Despite the horrible weather early Saturday (Load 1 flew around 1 p.m.) we still managed 18 loads and finished most of our work load including the Flight-1 canopy course. Sunday was much better weather and we completed another 18 loads, the 102 canopy course, and the TICC.
Congrats to Andy White and Mike Reid for completing the UPT Sigma Tandem Instructor Course! Also congratulations to James Comfort, Hugh Williams, Alan Ginn, Jonathon King, and Jesse Chaddock for graduating AFF this weekend.

Jonathon King and Jesse Chaddock graduate AFF!

Hugh Williams, Alan Ginn, and James Comfort graduate AFF!

Monday July 30, 2012

Crazy busy weekend at the DZ with 30 loads on Saturday! It's been a few years since we've done quite that many. We also had a record day for students and an overall record setting July. Thanks to the staff and jumpers for making it all possible.

Congrats to Francas Harlan on graduating AFF Saturday!

Monday July 23, 2012

Awesome event last weekend! Saturday the weather started with low overcast ceilings until about noon. The outlook was quite glum until the sky opened up and we had sunshine the rest of the day! The Helicopter ran the rest of the day and jumpers were treated to a low level "Vietnam" style flight before climbing to 4,000 for the jump. Fortson and Scott organized some great jumps and everyone learned a lot continue. Thanks to Phil for some amazing pulled pork sandwiches with all the trimmings.

Two thumbs up!

Friday July 6, 2012

A very busy one last weekend at Skydive Atlanta! It started with Gary's USPA Coach Rating Course from which we graduated 5 coaches. Congrats to Craig Tennant, Robyn Marshall, Brandon Devereaux, Jon Stanford, and Michael Slapnik! Thanks to Andy White for assisting in evaluations. Andy also held a Water training course on Saturday night. 10 people received their qualification for the B-License.

Congrats to Gary Shaffer for completing his 7000th skydive!

On Sunday Greg hosted the GSL Meet#2. We had 2 teams particpate, Slapstick and GT Tickles cialis generika rezeptfrei schweiz. It was great to see some folks get out there and have some fun learning 4-way.
View the highlight reel here.

Sunday June 17, 2012

Another three AFF Grads, congrats to Tim Jones and Sarah Gordon. That's 6 for this weekend so far!

Tim Jones.

Sarah Gordon.

Shohn Tanner II.

Saturday June 16, 2012

Spectacular Saturday weather at the DZ. We had a tandem jump marriage proposal today, congrats to Brynne and Andrew viagra für frauen online! 21 loads and 3 AFF grads: Roman Head, Kurtis Noblitt, and Stephen Gianos.

Roman Head.

Kurtis Noblitt.

Stephen Gianos.

Roman, Kurtis, and Stephen graduate AFF!

Sunday June 10, 2012

Saturday was a busy day for SDA. We participated in the the Red Bull Soapbox race in midtown Atlanta. It was a mad house with well over 50,000 people. We started the day with the racer in the pits handing out freebies to the crowd. We gave away nearly 2,000 logo lighters, 2,300 handfans, and hundreds of t-shirts. After 2 hours, we joined the line for the race. Our time came and we headed up the ramp. There was a slight music malfunction but we perservered, got through our skit, and got the racer down the hill https://ed-oesterreichisc... The biggest concern was whether or not the wheels would hold up to the jumps which by all driver accounts were very rough on landing. The wheels held up and the racer made it to the finish.

Bobby takes the racer down the hill!

See a pictoral timline of the entire build here. Thanks to Ride on Bikes of Columbus, Georgia and Danny Climmerer for building a great racer!

Monday June 4, 2012

Saturday was pretty breezy but we still managed back to backs most of the day. Thanks to Tony Massari for putting together some fun formation dives for everyone. Great to see some old friends as well Mark, Mike, and Scott. Nick Bray received his A-License and Sunday Brett graduated AFF.
Remember this Saturday, June 9th, we have a team participating in the Red Bull Soapbox race. You can vote for our team to win the People's Choice Award on the day of the race by texting "CAR25" to 72855 (RBULL).

Congrats to Brett McKinnon for graduating AFF!

SDA Soapbox Racer

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