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Monday March 11, 2013

It was a great weekend of weather finally. The World's Funnest Safety Day was not quite as fun as we would've liked when the plane had a maintenance issue. It's only the second time in 12 years we have had to ground the King Air on a jump day for a problem. We had the mechanic on site within 30 minutes and were back up in a couple of hours completing 9 more loads before sunset.
In the evening Rich, Mike E, Gary, and Dave Cranney did presentations for Safety Day while folks enjoyed pizza provided by the DZ. This year the instructors and pilots were also involved on the learning end of Safety Day as we had an FAA medical examiner and local pilot give an unofficial presentation on issues that effect them and their medical certificates.

Rich's Presentation.

Rich's Presentation.

Rich gave one of 4 short presentations for jumpers.

Edward Brown.

Congratulations to Edward Brown for graduating AFF!

The new event calendar is up. We have regular organizing events each month and we will be adding freefly organizing dates soon. In two weeks we have Night Jumps!

Tuesday February 19, 2013

Great weekend. High winds Saturday gave us just a couple of loads. Friday and Sunday were good though and Colin Malloy got his 100th jump. The reason we have no picture to post is that no one pied him. Oh how the anticipation of being pied is so much worse than the pie itself.
Also congrats to Nick Bray for completing his first paid tandem and AFF as a Skydive Atlanta instructor! Lastly, Lil' Shohn did his 200th dive this weekend.
In other news, the King Air has a new floor now so no more catching shoelaces or anything else. Check out our promo below. We are planning on making this a different kind of Safety Day where the lectures are short and the events are fun.

Safety Day Promo :: Saturday March 9, 2013
Safety Day Promo

Thursday February 7, 2013

Another extended leave from the blog but we are still working on the new website and limiting changes.

Congratulations to Jacque Hutcheson for earning her A License!

It's been a great winter so far at SDA. We flew a ton of loads in January and are looking forward to another record breaking year.
We've implemented many new changes, which if you've been out lately you've seen. The new video/still review flatscreens keep the main TV available for sports or fun jumper skydive review. A new manifest system is allowing manifest to be more efficient and move students through much faster.
We are currently working on a great events calendar for this year and have some events up already. If you have any events you want to see be sure and email to let us know. That's it for now. We'll be resuming the regular blog entries in March.

Tuesday December 18, 2012

Sorry for the extended leave from blog entries. We are working on a new website and trying to limit the changes between now and then. We have quite a bit news from the last several weeks. First, AFF graduates Reggie Carrington and Chris Lund.

Congratulations to Reggie Carrington!

Congratulations to Chris Lund.

We held our Christmas party last Saturday. We had about 60 people attend dinner, turkey and ham with mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. Then came the sweat shirt decorating, also known as staff frustration release therapy. The Dirty Santa gift exchange came after with bottles of liquor being the most popular of numerous gifts of the night. We would like to say no jumpers were hurt during the making of this party but as often is the case, there was a casualty. Naha, in an attempt to open a gift with a Jack-the-Ripper hook knife, took off the top of his thumb instead. After a visit to the ER he was back up a running his camera in time for flip cup. Thanks to everyone for coming over and making it a great time.

Tuesday November 20, 2012

Another good weekend at SDA kept the loads turning for everyone. It was a little windy on Saturday but we still managed quite a few jumps. A reminder that we will be open this coming weekend, Friday through Sunday, November 23rd - 25th.

Congratulations to Jacque Hutcheson for graduating AFF this weekend!

Saturday November 10, 2012

Great day so far. Great weather, lots of back to back loads as usual! New shipment of GatorZ is in the Pro Shop along with stock Bev Suits in size medium.

Stephan Binder.

Jeff Warlick.

Stephan Binder and Jeff Warlick graduated AFF today!!

Thursday November 8, 2012

If you have't taken a stroll to the main lobby lately you haven't seen the new fully stocked Pro Shop. We carry almost every major manufacturer in stock including stock RW and freefly jumpsuits.

Alti-2, Larsen and Brusgaard, Cookie, Phantom X, Sky Systems, Parasport. You name it we have it. We also have literally hundreds of t-shirts in stock.

Monday November 5, 2012

What an eventful weekend. It all started with 5 King Air loads on Friday. We hosted a show for the Travel Channel and Kevin Michael Connelly, a gentleman born with no legs. Using a harness built especially for the jump, he made a tandem skydive with Hollis Collins.
Saturday we had beautiful weather and did 24 loads mostly back to back. Lots of fun jumpers were out having a good time. Sunday we were privileged to have E.Z Cleghorn, a 2nd round contestant on American Idol, make a tandem jump with Mikey. Then Lil' Shohn Tanner made his 100th skydive. Also congrats to Simon Lee for earning his A-License this weekend!

E.Z.'s tandem skydive!

Lil Shohn gets pied for his 100th jump, a tracking dive.

Monday October 29, 2012

Thanks everyone for making this weekend such a great success! The weather was pretty windy all weekend but the worst of it held off until Saturday night. Saturday we did 24 Super King Air loads and 10 Helicopter loads. Fortson and Scott did some really fun organized dives for everyone. The ALS Guardian Angels group had some amazing smoked BBQ and chicken, bounce houses for the kids, and raised a ton of money for the charity.

We also had an AFF graduate on Saturday. Congrats to Orlando de Souza!

After sunset we rolled out the enchiladas, the adult bouncy houses, the lights, DJ's, and beer.

Orlando de Souza.

Great costumes!

Tuesday October 23, 2012

A good video that everyone needs to see and actually pay attention to before going down that crossbraced or sub 100 road. Even some of the high jump number guys and instructors https://espanolcialis..../.

Shannon Pilcher - PD Factory Team :: Canopy Downsizing
Shannon Pilcher - PD Factory Team

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