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Saturday June 8, 2013

Great day of jumping! The weather started out pretty rough but cleared up nicely. Evan had some nice freefly dives and a great sunset 8 way!

Michelle's last sunset at SDA.

Phil Marine Corps flag jump.

Good times! Evan Butner, Jon Nunes, Ryan Schorer, Lil' Shohn Tanner.

Tuesday May 28, 2013

Wow! What an amazing weekend at Skydive Atlanta. To start we had incredible weather the ENTIRE weekend for the first time this year and no other issues to ground us. Thanks to Scott Franklin that cranked out a ton of great organized skydives for everyone. Saturday we did 32 loads including 3 night loads. Thanks to Phil Johnson for the awesome pork BBQ and ribs. Congrats to Chris Bissell for graduating AFF! Sunday and Monday were both busy and Scott continued to organize some really fun dives. Everyone learned a lot and we had a lot of very successful dives at varying skill levels.

Memorial Day Weekend 2013 :: May 25-27, 2013
Great skydives everyone!

Photo by Slappy.

Photo by Slappy.

Photo by Dave Cranney.

Photo by Dave Cranney.

Chris Bissell graduates AFF.

Monday May 20, 2013

First post this month. This is by far the worst year of weather we have ever had. Despite it all we have been getting quite a few loads up in between the clouds and rain. This past weekend was Ian's Flight-1 canopy course. Thanks to Francas, Brooke, David, Tex, Jacque, and Dominic for particpating.

This weekend Scott Franklin is organizing, we are having BBQ, and we have night jumps again!

Flight 101 on Saturday.

Monday April 29, 2013

We had a fun weekend. Despite the bad forecast we did lots of loads Friday, Saturday, and even a few on Sunday. We had 4 way team Phoenix jumping on Friday, Raymond and Ben freeflying, Ian Drennan doing canopy practice. A large day indeed. Saturday turned out beautiful and Mike E did some organizing loads.

Raymond takes a great shot of Ben under canopy Friday.

Monday April 22, 2013

Saturday was a really fun day. It started out kind of slow but about half way through the day everyone was out and having a great time. Rhett did some fun angle dives and that night we did two night loads which went flawlessly.

Angle Dives :: April 20, 2013
Josh, David, Rhett, and Jon in some awesome dives!

Monday April 8, 2013

What an awesome weekend at SDA! We had great weather all weekend, 27 loads Saturday including Tex's 100th skydive. We had a ton of other great jumps as well. Thanks to Phil for cooking out Saturday night and lunch on Sunday. Congrats also to Sean Collins and the Silver Wings Justin Little for earning an A license this weekend.

Tex Lindsey for completing his 100th skydive!

Congrats to Tex Lindsey for completing his 100th skydive!

Jon Nunes and Lil' Shohn Tanner with a freefly sit group.

Congratulations to Sean Collins for earning his A license!

This Saturday and Sunday, April 13-14 we have belly organizing with Scott Franklin!

Tuesday April 2, 2013

Another good weekend at SDA. With the title of "fastest jump plane" in question, Don timed some of our loads this weekend. On Friday Trey flew a couple at 6:30 to 15,000 AGL. Saturday one of Shohn's was 5:30 wheels up to green light at 14,000 AGL with 11:30 gate to gate. Aircraft limitations were never exceeded. Hope that proves our case for some time. Congrats to Ryan Schorer and Tony Massari for completing their Sigma tandem course. Also congrats to Cameron Connor for graduating AFF.

Cameron Connor, AFF Graduate.

Saturday April 13-14 we have organizing with Scott Franklin!

Tuesday March 19, 2013

Hello all. We had a pretty good weekend with the Thunder in the Valley Airshow and a good load of tandems. The high winds Saturday kept us from dropping at the air show but the DZ was in full swing starting at 1 p.m. Hollis Collins (seen below), who completed his AFF and all of his training on the Silver Wings from our King Air made his last jump as a Silver Wing out of it Sunday.

Hollis makes his last jump as a Silver Wing.

Two Yak 52's that circled him as viewed from the King Air door.

Congratulations to Dominic Senteno for graduating AFF!

Next Saturday we have night jumps and April 13-14 we have organizing with Scott Franklin!

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