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Tuesday October 1, 2013

Cooler temps and blues skies this past weekend. Congrats to AFF graduate Amanda Meng. Through and non-skydiving related incident, Scott Franklin will not be organizing October 12 and 13, nor at the boogie. We are working on a replacement organizer and will post info as we have it.

Amanda Meng.

Night jumps on October 19th!
We have posted our Facebook event for the Halloween Boogie and Imaginarium party! Novemeber 1st through 3rd. Be sure to post that you are going.

Monday September 9, 2013

Another awesome weekend! Great weather all weekend contributed to our success. Congrats to Ryan Schorer our newest AFF Instrutcor! He completed the last of his course jumps Saturday.
Next we had 3 more AFF graduates and last Cameron Connor received his A License.

Cameron Connor.

Sabrina Carbo.

Paul Plunkett.

Shane Robertson.

Sabrina Carbo, Paul Plunkett, and Shane Robertson graduated AFF this weekend!

Monday September 2, 2013

Great holiday weekend. We jumped Friday through Monday and had some noteworthy milestones. Congrats to Jacque and Colin for completing their 100th and 200th jumps. Don got back in the game this weekend with a speed star.

Colin and Jacque.


Brian Bashark.

Joie Musselman.

Eric Thomas.

Brian Bashark, Joie Musselman, and Eric Thomas graduated AFF this weekend!

Monday August 26, 2013

Saturday was mostly weathered out again although we managed 10 loads at the end of the day. Sunday was perfect almost all day and we knocked out a ton of loads.

Cool hybrid jump with Colin, Jacque, Jon, Brooke, and a few others.

Tuesday August 6, 2013

A good weekend of weather and busy with students for us. We had a lot of back to back loads and everyone got a lot of jumps. Congrats to AFF graduate Ben Lynn! In addition, Jon Nunes and Slappy passed their Sigma tandem certification course!

Ben Lynn graduated AFF Saturday.

Jon Nunes taking course director Mike E on a tandem evaluation.

Monday July 29, 2013

Finally a weekend without heavy thunderstorms. We were able to get a lot of back to back loads all weekend for those that were here. We were also able to get some AFF up in the air and had two graduates. Congrats to Carter McCoy and Cicero Silva.

Carter McCoy graduated AFF sunday.

Cicero Silva graduated AFF sunday as well.

Tuesday July 24, 2013

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend at the 2nd annual Wet Hot American Summer Boogie. Despite the terrible weather we were able to get 14 CASA loads and 18 King Air loads over the 3 day weekend. Thanks to Fortson, Scott, Todd, and William for some great organizing. We will endeavor to get some videos up soon. Special Thanks to Mike Eames for all of his hard work in making the event a success. Also a great job by the SDA manifest staff as always.
Awesome job by the Bi-Plane crew, this was their first time flying jumpers. 10 jumpers got a nostalgic ride on one of the oldest flying Stearman's in the world.

A lot of great dives with Scott this weekend.

AJ muscles up to the Bi-plane.

The water slide was a load of fun.

More pics to come soon.

Monday July 1, 2013

Well, another weekend of battling the rain and clouds. Never have we seen such a year of harsh weather. We are making it through and getting loads up though. Thanks to Nicole for trying to get some organized loads up for this SIS event.

At least we got this picture out of it!

Congrats to Dennis McLeod for completing his 200th skydive on Saturday! (Sneaky).

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