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Monday April 7, 2014

Awesome weekend at SDA. Although we only had good weather Saturday, we got a whole weekend of jumping in. 23 Super Otter loads Saturday with only 3 shutdowns. Thanks to Todd Sellers and Will Mitchell for running a great angle dive camp. Thanks to Mike E for his help setting up the event. We will do it again in May.

Recent dives at SDA :: 2014
Good Stuff!

Photos by Rayond Adams.

Wednesday March 19, 2014

The weather held off till Sunday and we had both planes running Saturday. The Super King Air flew the Silver Wings at the Thunder in the Valley Airshow Saturday morning which went off without a hitch. Great job Radcliff flying the demo. We then knocked out 8 loads with some multi point RW with our staff after the students were finished.

The Edge 450 which circled a wingsuit flyer for the demo jump.

Meanwhile in Fitzgerald, Ga the Super Otter was flying back to back loads for the St. Patty's Day boogie. Everyone was safe and a couple of POPS record sequential dives were completed. Thanks to Spence for another spectacular event and we're looking forward to next year.

Photo by Tex Lindsey

Wednesday March 12, 2014

Another incredible time at SDA. Perfect weather for the opening weekend, Safety Day, and the new dash 34 Super Otter. We did 14 full back to back loads Saturday. Thanks to Ryan for fun organizing jumps and Marie and Brooke for the fantastic taco dinner. The girls raised a bunch of money for the April Sisters in Skydiving event.

Hangar Saturday

The new Otter

The great turnout Saturday for the new dash 34 Super Otter!!

Sunday March 2, 2014

An amazing week and weekend of weather. Tons of loads out of the King Air. The Silver Wings wrapped up winter training this weekend. Congrats to all of the Silver Wings that recieved licenses and ratings last month. We had 16 mostly back to back loads today with mostly fun jumpers. Multiple congrats this weekend as well. Big one to Sean Kavanaugh for graduating AFF. He left before we could get his picture, we will post it asap.

Amanda Meng

Rachel Rogers

Thanks to the Wings for a great month!

Wednesday February 19, 2014

What a great start to the year. The last few weekends the weather has been fantastic. Silver Wings winter training is in full swing and we are jumping King Air loads almost every day. Last week we flew nearly 50 loads. Everyone is welcome to come out and get on board.

Lil Shohn - AFF-I

Slappy - AFF-I

Congrats to Lil Shohn Tanner and Slappy for earning AFF instructor ratings last week!

Wednesday January 29, 2014

Great weather the last couple of weekends. Warmer temps and clear skies. We've been able to put up quite a few loads and managed some new AFF graduates too. Lots of good stuff coming up this year. February we have the Silver Wings doing winter training and will be jumping almost every day. Check out our event calendar as well. It has all of the big event dates posted and we will be adding several dates for organizing of all desciplines.

Dino Rongo

Daniel Gerlach

Congrats to Dino Rongo and Daniel Gerlach!

Tuesday November 26, 2013

Great weekend before the Thanksgiving break! Congrats to Jessica Ray and Andrew Swartz for graduated AFF. Also to Ben Lynn for earning his A license!

Jessica Ray

Andrew Swartz

Ben Lynn earns his A

Tuesday November 5, 2013

What an amazing event last weekend. Thank you to everyone that participated in the 2013 Halloween Boogie.

Friday started off with about 45 registered jumpers waiting for the rain a clouds to clear out. Taya and Purple Mike completed a wingsuit first flight course in the meantime but unfortunately jumps were not meant to be. We did, however, get this fantastic double rainbow out of it.

Double rainbow
Photo by Raymond Adams

Saturday's weather was beautiful and we cranked out 15 back to back full Super Otter loads right off the bat. Fortson kept it turning with 20 way dives, Joey had 4 and 8 ways going, and Todd had some great angle dives and head down happening. Later in the day we had a docked double wingsuit rodeo out the King Air! Helicopter and Bi-Plane jumps were cranking and we had zero cutaways or incidents!

Photo by Raymond Adams

Super Otter

Erica jumps the chopper

Todd leads some great angle work, loading the Super Otter, Erica and Raymond jumping the chopper.

Photos by Raymond Adams

The Girlies

Packing area at noon

Great shot of the packing area around noon, SDA girls dirt diving a jump.

Photos by Mike Eames


Craig prepares for his wingsuit coach jump.

Photo by Raymond Adams

As sunset Saturday night drew in the BBQ was served and the costumed were donned. An amazing party ensued with magician Howie the Great and The Imperial Opa Circus for entertainment. Great costumes everybody. Congrats to Roman Head and Brooke Johnson for winning the contests top prizes, 40% off a Vector container and a day of free jumping Sunday. It was capped off by a brilliant night pyro jump by the Silver Wings.

Brad Shimkus night pyro demo

Brad Shimkus lands the pyro rig.

Photo by Raymond Adams

Great costumes

Photo by Raymond Adams

Sunday jumpers kept up the great skydives right through till sunset. Thanks to everyone that help make it happen. A few special thanks to those that might otherwsie go unrecognized:

Francas Harlan for the sound system
Ryan and Bobby for construction of the Photo booth and gears decoration
Mike Eames for the Helicopter and Bi-Plane coodination and airport shuttle service
Andy White and Dale Warner for the projector setup
Silver Wings for the Night Pyro demo
All of our staff that did an amazing job!
We will see all of you next year for an even bigger time. We have already started planning!

Friday October 11, 2013

More news from last weekend. Congrats to Brittany Hammond for graduating AFF. Also congrats to Eric Thomas for earning his A License.
We also have exciting boogie updates with new organizers for formation skydiving and wingsuiting!

Brittany Hammond.

Eric Thomas earns his A license.

Night jumps on October 19th!
Remember to join the Facebook event for the Halloween Boogie and Imaginarium party! November 1st through 3rd.

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